Companies large and small utilize the Google AdWords platform to generate leads, make online sales, and get people to visit their locations. While large companies have tons of resources to devote to digital marketing, with the right amount of fine-tuning, a small company can compete and generate valuable leads.

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Pay-per-click, referred to as PPC, is a solution for getting your shop to the top of Google search result pages, and generating leads from potential customers looking for a company to do business with. While search engine optimization (SEO) is great for long-term, organic growth, PPC is great for generating leads and ensuring that your website is in front of your potential customers.

With intensive keyword research & knowing about the process customers go through when looking to do business with a company, along with other filters, PPC is a great way to have your ads showing to customers who are likely to convert, while not showing to people who are just searching the internet or window shopping.

Google AdWords is an extensive tool with tons of options and filters to get your ad on the screen of the right people at the right time. Having a good ad is not just about the text that’s shown, but the search intent, keywords that got your customer to see the ad, what page they’re directed to,